How To Maintain The Mineral Ore Sorting Machine

August 11, 2021

Latest company news about How To Maintain The Mineral Ore Sorting Machine

      The ore color sorter is divided into four types of  equipment: single-layer belt type, double-layer belt type, water selection type and artificial intelligence type. The Coreprogram ore color sorter is mainly used for the color sorting of potassium feldspar, quartzite, talc, fluorite, wollastonite, calcium carbonate and other minerals. Those who are familiar with ore color separation should know that the on-site environment is relatively harsh, so it is more important to do a good job in the maintenance of ore color separation equipment, which places higher requirements on equipment operators and maintenance personnel. Next, we introduce the daily maintenance work of the ore color sorter, as follows:

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       Regularly check whether the high-speed bearing of the belt outer spherical bearing is damaged, whether it is lack of oil, and do a good butter maintenance at the same time; regularly check the air compressor, dryer, air storage tank, filter element of the color sorter, exhaust valve, pressure release valve, safety. Whether the valve and pressure gauge need to be repaired and replaced; when the color sorter is in normal production, the gas storage tank, the drain valve, the filter and the filter of the color sorter are drained. Discharge ash no less than twice a day; check regularly. Maintain whether the rodless cylinder is damaged and whether the cleaning brush is cleaned normally; regularly check the cleaning material lamp and whether the background lamp bead is not bright or abnormal; whether the material bucket baffle is damaged, check and repair regularly;
      Belt, belt twice brush, synchronous belt, belt motor, vibration motor regular inspection, overhaul; whether the housing of the cleaning brush and the fixed cleaning brush screw are loose or fall off.
Whether the glass is damaged, if damaged, it should be replaced in time;
    Note: Under normal circumstances, the ore color sorter must do a good job of draining the gas tank and filter during normal production, so as not to affect the color sorting effect of the color sorter.

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