How Does The Small Rice Color Sorter Improve The Quality Of Rice

August 11, 2021

Latest company news about How Does The Small Rice Color Sorter Improve The Quality Of Rice

        How does the small rice color sorter improve the quality of rice? Blackheads, mildew, yellowing, spots, stones and other impurities in the rice will affect the overall quality of the rice, causing the quality of the rice to decrease, and the quality of the rice will deteriorate, thereby reducing the sale of rice Price affects the income of rice sellers. This is a problem that many rice manufacturers are worried about. What should we do? Don't worry, the small rice color sorting machine will make rice quality no longer a problem.

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       Blackheads-If the rice just harvested is piled into the granary without being dried or the water content in the body is large and untreated, it will cause the rice to generate heat, which will then spread to large areas of rice and cause hard-to-eliminate heat accumulation, thereby forming blackheads.

Mildew and spots-the rice will be blanched when it is accidentally wet and damp, and it will look rough and not clean. At the same time, the rice will "eye-catching" and "ribbing", and the "eye-catching" mold will start from the rice germ It invades, causing the germ to change color, forming mildewed rice and mildew spots.

      Water yellow-rice yellow is due to the high water content of rice during the storage process, which generates heat under the action of enzymes, which causes molds to multiply, moldy and appears yellow. At the same time, rice contains aflatoxin produced by fungi. , It is harmful to the body, and it needs to be color sorted in time.

      Stones and other impurities-the raw materials after the rice harvest will contain some stones and other impurities, which will affect the quality and taste of the rice.

     The rice grain itself is white, like black-headed rice, moldy rice. Other impurities, such as water yellow rice, stones, etc., are different from the color of high-quality rice; it is easy to distinguish, the rice color sorter uses this principle to remove blackheads, mildew, water yellow, spots, stones, etc. in the rice. The impurity color is captured by hundreds of millions of pixel cameras, and an intelligent image processing system distinguishes low-quality rice from impurities, transmits the signal to the spray valve, leaves the high-quality rice on the spray valve, and blows out the rest to achieve the optimal purpose.

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